Grow Your Career! 

Resume, Interview and Networking Skills Workshops

Looking to make a career move or to re-enter the workforce and need some tips and help to get your resume in shape and confidently apply for jobs? These workshops are designed with you in mind ....

Our practical 2-hour workshops will help you to prepare that winning resume and job application, read between the lines to know what employers and recruiters are looking for, and sell yourself at the interview, plus learn how to network and build your professional connections both in person and online through your LinkedIn profile as part of your job search.  

Workshop 1 – Develop a Winning Resume and Cover Letter

The purpose of your resume and job application is to get you shortlisted. You will learn how to:

  • prepare a competitive and professional resume or CV
  • write a winning cover letter including for Government jobs
  • use different resume formats to best showcase your skills and experience
  • present your skills and experience in a positive light
  • how to tailor your applications and use keywords
  • the importance of referees and how to select good referees. 

Why not bring along your current resume or job application for some helpful feedback, or bring a job opportunity that you are wanting to apply for!

Workshop 2 – Selling Yourself at the Interview 

Many people get shortlisted but sell themselves short at the interview – this workshop will show you:

  • techniques to help you prepare for the interview and manage nerves and anxiety 
  • the key factors that employers look for during the interview
  • how to answer behavioural interview questions 
  • tips on how to answer difficult questions
  • how you can confidently sell yourself and make a positive impression at the interview
  • the types of questions you can prepare to ask your interviewer. 

This is a practical workshop which provide you with an opportunity to learn in a fun and safe environment!

Workshop 3 – Networking Skills to Grow Your Career

Developing a strong professional network can definitely benefit your career. The right connections can open doors to great opportunities. Making the most of networking opportunities along with your LinkedIn profile is more important than ever today. At this workshop we will show you:

  • why developing and maintaining your network is good for your career
  • tips and techniques for building and maintaining a strong professional network throughout your career   
  • helpful techniques for attending networking events and making new connections
  • how LinkedIn works, explain the features and how to create a professional profile
  • how to use LinkedIn as a job search tool and to grow your network.

Whilst it’s not essential, we encourage you to bring your smartphone, tablet or laptop if you would like to access LinkedIn for that segment of the workshop. 

A bit about the learning environment …

We believe that people learn better when they are relaxed and enjoying themselves. We also believe that people like to take responsibility for their own learning and will take away from the workshops the things that are most important to them. We will not embarrass you or put you on the spot but will provide you with the opportunity to learn and try some new techniques in a fun and safe environment! There are no tests or awkward questions – just lots of helpful and practical information along with a wealth of helpful material from each workshop including booklets, tip sheets and templates.

A bit about your facilitator …

Christine is an experienced career coach, trainer and facilitator, and HR management consultant and is passionate about helping people to achieve their career goals. She has successfully coached many people to improve their confidence and ability with their job search and interview skills and has also trained many managers and employers in interviewing and selection processes. Chris has interviewed and recruited many candidates and works closely with a range of recruiters and HR managers to know what the latest trends are in the career and employment field. Chris is a Professional Member of the Career Development Association of Australia and the Australian Human Resources Institute and is a Certified Workplace Trainer.

Workshop venue, fees and how to register your interest …

Venue: Ashgrove Serviced Offices, Level 1, 240 Waterworks Road, Ashgrove. Free 2 hour parking is available under Highpoint or street parking is available around Ashgrove Village.

Times: Our workshops are usually scheduled outside of business hours, eg 6-8pm week nights.

Fee: $60.00 (plus GST and booking fee). Numbers are dependent on venue size and are strictly limited to 12 per workshop for Ashgrove to create a friendly environment and provide the opportunity for everyone to ask questions.

Register your interest: Please register your interest via our Contact page and we will advise you when the next workshops are scheduled. Or arrange a group and we can schedule a workshop to suit your time frame and availability.

If you would like further information, contact Chris directly on 0417 613 299.